Employment Agency Reports Increase in Open Jobs in Real Economy at Start of 2022

Employment Agency Reports Increase in Open Jobs in Real Economy at Start of 2022

February 15 (BTA) - The open jobs declared in January 2022 numbered 11,788, up by 3,821 from December 2021 and by 410 from the like month of 2021, show data for the start of the year released by the National Employment Agency on Tuesday. The biggest share of open jobs in the real economy were declared in the processing industry (29.3 per cent), followed by trade, motor vehicle and motorcycle repairs (12.9 per cent), the hotelier and restaurateur business (10.8 per cent), administrative and auxiliary activities (10.7 per cent).

The professions highest in demand last month were: machine operators of stationary machines and equipment; workers in the mining and quarrying industry, construction, and transport; personal services personnel; sellers.

The unemployed who found a job in January numbered 11,885, down by 2,282 from December 2021 and by 2,420 year-on-year. Another 154 pensioners, students and employed found a new job through labour offices last month.

A total of 2,403 unemployed from risk groups were appointed at subsidised job positions, of whom 65 under employment programmes and measures and 2,338 under schemes of Operational Programme Human Resources Development.

The registered unemployment in Bulgaria stood at 4.9 per cent in January 2022, up by 0.1 percentage points from a month earlier and down by 2.1 percentage points from January 2021.

The unemployed registered at labour offices numbered 162,322 last month, which is an increase by 5,039 from December 2021 and by 67,428 year-on-year. The newly registered unemployed totalled 25,592, up by 4,087 from the previous month and down by 9,434 from January 2021.


Source: Sofia