Prime Minister Petkov Appears for Questioning at Supreme Cassation Prosecution Office

NW 13:38:31 09-02-2022

Prime Minister Petkov
Appears for Questioning
at Supreme Cassation Prosecution Office

Sofia, February 9 (BTA) - Prime Minister Kiril Petkov went on Wednesday to the Supreme Cassation Prosecution Office (SCPO) to be questioned about names he had mentioned during his meeting with Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev on February 4.

Petkov and the Chief of his Political Cabinet, Lena Borislavova, were asked to appear before the SCPO on Wednesday to provide information about a list in their possession naming alleged perpetrators of serious criminal and economic offences.

Entering Sofia City Court, Petkov pointed out that he is carrying a list of 19 names, some of which he already read at a briefing. "These names are public information, names that are well known. The list does not contain companies, only individuals," Petkov told journalists. He added that these people are known to the public as possible offenders, but he has not come to say who is guilty and who is not.

Petkov added that these names have never been heard officially by the SCPO, and according to him, have only been spoken of in corridors and journalistic investigations. Petkov expressed hope that all necessary actions will be taken after "the Prime Minister is bringing the list of names to the SCPO in person".

Commenting Petkov's summons for questioning earlier on Wednesday, President Rumen Radev said that the power holders should try to carry out a decisive judicial reform because "the past will try to retaliate".

In this context, he described the summons for questioning served to Petkov by the prosecution service as "a form of institutional blackmail". "I expect the ruling coalition leaders to take decisive action," Radev said.

Petkov perceives his summoning as an unnecessary publicity stunt, but not as pressure and blackmail.

Radev said that his institution and the Executive branch "are cooperating constructively". ZH/YV