Taste Atlas Ranks Bulgarian Garash Cake Highest Rated in the World

NW 16:27:32 08-02-2022

Taste Atlas Ranks
Bulgarian Garash Cake
Highest Rated in the World

Sofia, February 8 (Desislava Toncheva, BTA) - The Bulgarian Garash cake (''Torta Garash'') has received some of the highest ratings according to the culinary guide Taste Atlas (tasteatlas.com). The website is a map and a culinary guide of the best traditional dishes around the world and provides information on ingredients, history and best locations that serve each dish.

According to the website, the Garash cake is rated best cake, best chocolate desert and best chocolate cake in the world, and fifth best desеrt in the world overall. It's also the 50th best dish in the world and the 10th best in the city of Sofia.

Garash is one of the most popular Bulgarian deserts. It consists of five delicate walnut sponge plates layered with dark chocolate ganache. The entire cake is frosted in a shiny dark chocolate glaze and is decorated with coconut or orange sprinkles, nuts or chocolate toppings. It is very decadent and sweet and is usually served in smaller than average pieces.

The Taste Atlas website also details the history of the cake. It was invented by an Austro-Hungarian confectioner Kosta Garash in 1885. At the time, he was working at a lavish hotel in the city of Ruse (on the Danube), where he first served the cake. He later moved to Sofia and continued to prepare the cake, which soon became a renowned Bulgarian dessert that is nowadays found on the menus of numerous patisseries and restaurants across the country.

Garsah cake is a popular dish served in many restaurants in Bulgaria, but the most popular places to try it, according to tasteatlas.com, are the Laguna Confectionary in Sofia and the restaurant chain Happy Bar & Grill. Goguide.bg recommends the Grand Cafe in central Sofia, where the cake is prepared according to a recipe passed down from generation to generation in the family of the chief confectioner. It has been compared to the original Garash cake served at the former Savoy Confectionery by older patrons who have been lucky enough to try the latter.

Apart from the Garash cake, the Bulgarian map on Taste Atlas shows meat dishes Banska kapama, Chirpan meatballs, Ribena chorba (fish stew), cured meats like pastarma file Elena, Panagiyrska lukanka, Strandzhanski dyado; baked dishes like patatnik and banitsa, the latter being the most popular Bulgarian dish; and Bulgarian yoghurt (''kiselo mlyako''), often cited as one of the oldest types of yogurt, which is the most popular dairy beverage in the world, according to the site. DT///DT/