Nu Boyana Film Studios School Programme Resumes Training Moviemakers

NW 17:38:02 31-01-2022

Nu Boyana Film Studios
School Programme Resumes
Training Moviemakers

Sofia, January 31 (BTA) - One of Europe's largest film production studios, Nu Boyana Film, is resuming its FilmForge school programme after a nearly two-year long hiatus caused by the global pandemic, said the studio CEO Yariv Lerner. FilmForge offers courses in all fields of the moviemaking industry.

The first set of courses for camera, grip and lighting assistants is scheduled between February 14 and 18. Up to 60 students, 18 or older, will be admitted. The ones who perform best will be offered jobs on the sets of several blockbusters, which are planned to shoot in Bulgaria in the upcoming months.

Lerner said that two large-scale productions, one of them by Disney, and three smaller ones are set to shoot in Nu Boyana Film in 2022 so far.

"The local film industry is in urgent need of highly-skilled fresh blood, if Bulgaria is to meet the demand for new movies throughout the forthcoming years," said Nu Boyana Film. They added that some of the major global studios have been showing interest in this country since March 2021, when the Film Industry Act was amended to encourage investments in the Bulgarian film industry.

FilmForge has a mission to organize targeted lessons in order to boost the numbers of skilled personnel in the areas where work force is currently scarce. "While the current work force consists of excellent professionals, most of whom with over a decade of experience working on international productions, their numbers must be replenished with new moviemakers who need to start gaining practical experience."

FilmForge has an advantage over other learning centres around the world. It works alongside an active film studio, thus offering its students good opportunities to get hands-on experience, the Studio said. /NZ/