Biggest Risk to Bulgaria's Security Is Neglecting Problems Plaguing Its Armed Forces - President Radev

February 14 (BTA) - Speaking to reporters here on Monday, President Rumen Radev said that the biggest risk to this country's security is neglecting the problems plaguing the armed forces. The armed forces shall not be remembered only in times of crises and catastrophes, Radev said.

Approached to comment Tuesday's meeting of the Consultative Council on National Security (CCNS) convened by Radev to consider national security risks and threats and the state of the armed forces, the President said that "attention should be paid at all times and at the highest state level to the combat worthiness of the Bulgarian armed forces". He said that precisely these issues will be discussed at the CCNS meeting in Tuesday.

Asked whether Bulgaria should accept the deployment of additional US forces if so proposed by the United States, Radev said that "as it is well known, Bulgaria is part of the efforts for de-escalation, and part of the efforts for strengthening NATO's Eastern flank". Radev also said that a joint air policing mission of the Bulgarian air space with NATO allies has started. In Radev's words, "Bulgaria is open to all allies for participation of their units to contribute in filling up a deficit of capabilities in the Bulgarian land forces".

In Soungourlare, the head of State took part in events for the holiday of the municipality marked on February 14 which is celebrated as the day of vine growers and wine makers in Bulgaria as it is the day of their patron saint, Tryphon. Soungourlare is an area with strong vine-growing and wine-making traditions.

Source: Soungourlare, Southern Bulgaria