BTA to Cooperate with Wine Makers Organizations to Popularize Bulgarian Wine

Sofia, February 7 (BTA) - The Bulgarian News Agency (BTA) signed Monday a cooperation agreement with five sectoral organizations in the wine industry, vowing to popularize Bulgarian wine. The document was undersigned by BTA Director General Kiril Valchev and the leaders of the Bulgarian Association of Independent Winegrowers, the Bulgarian Association of Wine Professionals, the National Vine and Wine Chamber, the National Association of Bulgarian Vine Growers and the Black Sea Regional Vine and Wine Chamber.

BTA undertakes to popularize the Bulgarian wine sector, raise awareness of the quality of Bulgarian wines by systematically covering the sector, and help promote wine tourism.

The BTA Director General said that later in 2022 BTA will host the General Assembly of the Association of Balkan News Agencies (ABNA - SE), and the partners in this agreement will have an opportunity to organize wine tours for the participants in the congress and thus potentially reach new and wider markets.

In partnership with the wine organizations, BTA will hold in its press clubs across the country events to present this country's wine regions, wineries and wines. The BTA English Service will make sure the information reach people beyond Bulgaria.

Yordan Chorbadjiiski, the President of the National Vine and Wine Chamber, said that it was time Bulgaria returned on the global wine map, where it belongs. He also said that the State should follow BTA's example and adopt a national policy on wine. The government should pay attention to and help this sector because otherwise it will die, he said. LN/

Source: Sofia